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What does beauty salon insurance cover?

Just as there are many different types of beauty salon, so there are various kinds of insurance packages providing financial safeguards for each one.

If you are searching for this type of insurance cover, therefore, you may want to keep in mind the need for the package that best suits your particular business needs and circumstances – what is right for you, of course, might be quite different to the cover suitable for other salons in your area.

Nevertheless, it is possible to identify a number of core elements typically common to most types of beauty salon insurance.

Safety for your customers

If you are in the business of running a beauty salon you almost certainly know about the potential dangers of some of the applications, treatments and chemicals used throughout your normal working day.

Of course you and your staff are likely to exercise due care and safety in the use of such products. As you are probably also aware, however, accidents and mishaps may happen.

If these result in the injury or loss or damage to property of either your customers or passing members of the general public, you and your salon may face potentially very costly claims for liability.

For this reason, therefore, public liability insurance is typically included as a core feature of standard beauty salon cover.

Safety for your employees

If you employ staff to help run your salon, in all but a few rare exceptions the law requires you to have employers liability cover.

Although you are likely to be taking every precaution to ensure that your salon is no dangerous work place, accidents and emergencies may nevertheless happen. In the event that a member of staff suffers an injury or has their property lost or damaged, you may be held liable – facing a potentially very costly claim in damages.

The employers liability provisions which may be contained in some insurance packages, therefore, are designed to offer indemnity in the event of such claims.

Safety for your salon

As you probably already know to your own cost, beauty salon appliances and equipment are by no means cheap. In order to safeguard your investment in these essential tools of the trade, therefore, insurance is available to help you replace or repair such valuable equipment in the event of loss or damage.

Safety for your business

Some – but by no means all – insurance packages may also offer compensation (up to given limits) in the event that you have to stop trading (because your salon has been closed as a result of a flood, for example). Such business disruption provisions are designed to help provide a replacement income during the interval until your salon is able to operate normally