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Don’t ignore management stress


Whatever organisation you work in or manage, stress can have a negative effect on staff morale, productivity, business with clients, as well as reputation among competitors.  Stress management experts have pinpointed a number of key areas that if not properly managed can affect the health and well-being of management including other personnel which will more than likely result in increased sickness absence.  It’s important to tackle and manage the following by getting in touch with stress management services from Performance on Demand:-

  • Role – it’s vital that staff understand their role within a company set up
  • Control – how much say a person has in the way they do their work
  • Change – how change is managed within an organisation and how it could have a positive effect on management and staff
  • Demands – this is a very important issue which covers work load, work patterns and the working environment
  • Support – the encouragement and resources provided by a company plays a pivotal role in line management too
  • Relationships – this should incorporate promoting positive working behaviour while trying to avoid work-related conflict issues

Online stress management tools

Generally speaking, stress management assessments and training courses have been very expensive for businesses to incorporate into their budget, however Performance on Demand can provide unique online stress management products at an unbeatable price.  For around twelve pounds per employee per year, key management personnel can benefit from an online assessment. This provides a huge amount of useful information as well as individual reports including ongoing progress for business owners to analyse in order to improve stress management resilience, within their particular organisation.

Dealing with stress management in the workplace is an important issue especially when you consider it costs the UK economy around 3.7 billion pounds a year in lost revenue.  Why not make contact today with stress management consultants online who can help reduce the cost to your business dramatically while ensuring it benefits from:-

  1. Improving the health and well-being of your workforce
  2. Improving staff morale
  3. Improving performance from personnel
  4. Identifying individual staff who need help in specific stress-related areas
  5. Making sure you comply with duty of care requirements for all of your employees
  6. Utilising stress management assessment

Let professional online stress management companies arrange assessments for your personnel with the purpose of helping them to prevent a number of stress issues such as responses to stress, resilience, mental clarity and decisiveness, controlling stress, positive engagement including better self-management when at work.