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Research finds that children may be at risk of heart problems

It is never too late to think about protecting yourself with health insurance and it is never too early to take a policy out to cover a child either. This has been highlighted following findings from a recent study by scientists at Oxford University who found that children as young as 5 years old are showing the significant signs of heart attack risk.

Unhealthy lifestyles are putting children at risk of developing problems in later life

Researchers at Oxford, one of the world’s most renowned Universities, found that children were exhibiting signs of being at risk to heart problems and strokes when they grow up and warned that it was because of their unhealthy lifestyles in childhood. Poor diet and a lack of exercise is contributing to children becoming overweight in many countries across the world, which is having a real impact on national health services.

Obesity in children is continuing to rise across the western world and experts are concerned that some kids as young as five years old are now displaying worrying signs of the increased risk of serious health problems in later life. Overweight children are showing to be suffering from high blood pressure and cholesterol problems, which will place them at a higher risk of having a stroke or a heart attack as they grow older. Even the American military recently released a report, which stated they were concerned about the issue and warned that childhood obesity could place the efficiency of the US army in danger for the future.

However, Oxford experts did state that the risk factors of heart problems could be reversed if children and their families adopted a healthier diet and did plenty of exercise.

Child health insurance can help to protect children and families should they fall ill

Health insurance for children is a very useful policy to have and can be vitally important if a child falls sick with an acute condition such as an illness, disease or injury after the policy begins, which is likely to respond to treatment that helps the child return to their previous level of health. A policy can also help to pay for things like accommodation for a parent if they have to stay overnight at a hospital with their sick child.

Experts at Oxford University are obviously concerned about the dangers children could face in later life because of their lifestyle at an early age, with Dr Carl Heneghan, the author of the study writing in the British Medical Journal, ‘The magnitude of the effect of obesity upon increasing cardiovascular risk in children is deeply worrying in terms of their future risks of heart disease.’