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Training your drivers


Statistics have shown that the UK has one of the best records in the world when it comes to road safety. However around six people a day still die due to accidents which can be prevented. Unfortunately, driving is one of the most dangerous working activities that employees do which results in a higher rate of deaths and injuries, almost more than any other work-related accidents put together.

If your business employs fleet drivers then check out reliable training companies online that have build up an unrivalled reputation for providing fleet driver training courses as well as free safety solutions.  To keep your drivers safe on the road why not make enquiries with which has many years of experience in providing first class fleet driver training courses along with helping companies both large and small:-

  • Save fuel and money
  • Reduce vehicle emissions
  • Reduce driving accidents and absenteeism

Course benefits

Fleet driver training case studies highlight that numerous businesses have enrolled their staff on a variety of courses and have benefitted from a steady reduction in driver accident rates which has helped them to negotiate cheaper insurance premiums per vehicle.  In addition to this, the attitudes of driving personnel have increased dramatically while companies around the UK have seen:-

  1. Fewer accidents involving their drivers
  2. Less driver injuries and sickness absence
  3. A reduction in fuel cost due to driver awareness regarding vehicle emissions
  4. A reduction in maintenance costs as drivers know how to correctly use gears, brakes and steering for example
  5. More driver availability

What individuals can expect from fleet driver training experts

Experts in the field of fleet driver training deliver both practical and theoretical courses to improve driving confidence.  Courses are designed to be aimed towards the individual who needs to brush up on their driving skills whether they drive automatic or manual vehicles in their employment roles.  Individuals who have had previous driving accidents will benefit enormously from fleet driver training courses by receiving professional advice and tuition concerning road safety issues, including any driving concerns that they may have.

Training courses are generally half day part theory and half day part practical which helps to make them more interesting.  Of course, fleet driver training theory sessions are usually followed by on the road driving with experienced instructors who can then assess individual drivers in order to evaluate his or her capabilities.  Naturally, a full report will be provided to management so they can see at a glance what needs to be done to improve the driving of their employees.