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Purchase insurance for your lorry online

Many lorry owners are buying insurance via the internet as it saves them time and money, the process of purchasing lorry insurance is quite similar to buying ordinary vehicle insurance however if you do have any problems or questions you would like to ask, there’s a helpline available to use. Friendly advisers can talk you through buying the correct lorry insurance you will need to protect your vehicle or vehicles as well as your drivers.

Before you start make sure you read the online information and you have all the details required at hand such as:-

  1. The make and model of the lorry
  2. The year it was manufactured
  3. The mileage
  4. The type of insurance you need
  5. The vehicle identification number

Use top lorry insurance specialist providers

By using the best insurance providers you’re sure to get the protection you need when your lorries are out on the road, if they are involved in an accident and were unroadworthy for a considerable length of time, your drivers would not only lose their salaries but you could lose a lot of business. Specialists can compare prices for you and do all the hard work to get the best value for money lorry insurance. Why not visit for a lorry insurance quote to start the ball rolling, many haulage owners are quite amazed to see how affordable cover is and how quickly they can receive instant cover

Spend less by getting in touch with reputable insurance brokers online, you’ve nothing to lose when you ask for a free quote to see how much payments will be and just what is covered.

Which kinds of lorries can be provided for?

Most types of lorries can be insured, some of the most popular are:-

  • Trailers
  • Transporters
  • Tippers
  • Tankers

Different body types are also included in insurance policies like skips, flatbeds and box vans, choose from comprehensive, third party only or third party fire and theft options whichever is most suitable for your requirements. Insurance is provided for lorries that weigh between 3.6 tonnes and 60 tonnes so you should have no worries about protecting your vehicles whether they are large or small.

Check out some of the key features too, for instance you could receive discounts for additional security, voluntary excess and no claims bonuses, legal costs as well as costs in the event of a claim are covered too.