Get the right insurance for your community minibus

A minibus can bring huge benefits to a local community.  Offering clubs, care homes, schools and charitable organisations the ability to travel around can be invaluable to many different types of community group.

Now, after two years, a Lincolnshire town has managed to raise enough to buy a minibus for use by all local community organisations.  Keep reading to learn more about this heartwarming story and why it’s vital you get the right minibus insurance for your vehicle.

Sleaford gets its own community minibus

In 2010, Andrew Crawford, then chairman of Sleaford and District Round Table, told fellow members: “When I was a boy I remember Sleaford having a community minibus, run by The Sleaford and District Lions Club.  In my year as chairman I want to do something different. Rather than nominate a single charity for which to raise money, I want to see if we could bring back the Sleaford Community Minibus”.

Now, two years later, Mr Crawford’s dream has been realised. With help from charity event and support from a local optician, Sleaford now has a new community minibus.

The minibus will be run by Sleaford and District Round Table as a non-profit venture. The vehicle is available to local clubs, groups and organisations which could not afford to hire one from national hire companies.

Current Round Table chairman Neil Freeman said: “We want the vehicle to be accessible to as many local schools, groups and clubs as possible.  We cover insurance and maintenance so all they need to cover is hire and fuel.  It’s really that simple”.

Get the right minibus insurance

If you own or run a community minibus, it’s vital that you get the right minibus insurance for the vehicle.

For example, you will need to be sure to take out a policy which allows a range of people to drive the vehicle.  If the minibus is to be used by different organisations, you will need a minibus insurance policy that covers a number of named drivers.

In addition, you will need to ensure that the minibus is protected against theft, and includes cover for theft of contents.

And, you’ll also need to take out the right minibus insurance depending on where groups intend to travel in your vehicle.  For example, if some of the potential users of the minibus planning to travel outside the UK you will need to consider a minibus insurance policy with European coverage ( is a great place to start).