If your property has been underpinned buy the correct insurance

Recently a block of flats in Glasgow had to be evacuated due to fears that the building was subsiding, residents were moved from their four-storey tenement properties to a safe location while experts surveyed the scene.  Apparently the alert was raised after a number of people experienced the building moving which began to create panic among many residents, naturally a full investigation is underway to find out the root of the problem.  Subsidence which results in properties having to be underpinned can be caused by a number of reasons such as:-

  • water evaporation from underground which can cause earth movement
  • trees or plants too close to buildings that have extended root systems
  • leaking water pumps, sewers and drains
  • inadequate foundation structures
  • poor building designs
  • constant vibration caused by traffic or machinery

Get help and quotes now

If your property suffers from subsidence then you need to buy subsidence insurance as soon as possible, if the situation gets worse and you decide to make a claim standard home insurance will almost certainly be insufficient and your claim deemed invalid.  Request an online quotation for underpinned home insurance from experienced brokers who can also provide you with the help you need to put your mind at ease regarding subsidence issues.  Once you’ve completed an online form an insurance expert can offer you a no-obligation quote and a suitable level of cover, it doesn’t matter if you’ve been refused  insurance elsewhere brokers will consider your application even if:-

  1. you live in an subsidence area
  2. your property already suffers from subsidence and has been underpinned
  3. you have made a claim in the past on a underpinned home insurance policy

What brokers need to know

Naturally before considering your application for underpinned home insurance brokers will require details of your circumstances and property in order to use their expertise to find you the best deal and the right policy.  You may have to pay more for your policy than before due to the specialist nature of underpinned home insurance, however it provides peace of mind knowing that you are well insured.  It’s worth pointing out if you have a mortgage on your property it needs to be properly insured, your mortgage lender will want to ensure that you have a high level of underpinned home insurance especially if your home has subsidence problems.