Using your static caravan? make sure you have the correct insurance

There are two main types of caravan owners. Those who like to explore the country by using their caravan as a means of accommodation. Then there are those who like to keep their caravan in one place and used it as a holiday home for part of the year. It makes sense then that there are two main types of caravan insurance to suit these types of caravan owners. In this article I will focus on the type of insurance for those who keep their caravan in one place – static caravan insurance. I will tell you how to go about getting quotes and how you can save money on your policy.

There are certain risks that are significantly higher when dealing with a static caravan when compared to a touring caravan so a good policy will take this into account. For example a static caravan is at much greater risk of being broken into, largely due to the fact that it’s left unattended for large periods of time. Something else to bear in mind is that if you choose to rent out your caravan during certain times of the year then you must provide the tenants with alternative accommodation should it become uninhabitable. This is usually caused by damage from the elements such as fires and broken water pipes caused by freezing.

Cover for content theft is something that’s also very important when taking out a static caravan policy. Many families now bring expensive items with them on holiday such as laptops and mobile phones. These can cost in excess of £500 each so it can be a big risk to leave them unattended in a caravan. Cutting down risk is always preferable to having to make a claim so you should take every precaution possible.

Getting Quotes

The key to getting a good static caravan insurance policy is to decide on what you need cover for and how much cover you need. With a static caravan the biggest risks are usually going to be theft, vandalism and structural damage. The amount of risk your caravan is at from structural damage will depend on the area its situated and how well built it is. It is up to you to assess how much risk your caravan is at and therefore and what cover you need.

When you decide upon these things you can then go about getting in touch with insurance companies to get quotes. You should do as much research as possible and get multiple quotes so that you can compare them for prices and features. Getting quotes online is very simple. It’s usually a case of filling in some personal information as well as information about your caravan and what it’s used for.