Why do the armed forces pay more for their car insurance?

If you have ever served in the HM Forces then you know that, in general, you will end up paying more for your car insurance . This tends to be the case for the Royal Navy, Royal Air Force and the Army. Even if you are a reservist and you mention that you volunteer your time to serve your country, then you tend to get charged more for your car insurance. But why?

The reasons are varied and depend on the individual insurer and their claims experiences with the HM Forces. It is fair to say, that the proportion of individuals within the HM Forces whom have, for example, a drink drive conviction are far greater. This is under stable when you consider that returning from a 7 month deployment often means there is a great deal of unwinding to be done. Of course, this does not excuse getting into a car having consumed too much alcohol. The problem is even greater when you consider the accident statistics involving individuals whom have consumed too much alcohol.

Another reason why people in the HM Forces tend to pay more for their car insurance is owing to the fact that customers in the aforementioned category often will purchase a higher spec vehicle as HM Forces personnel often have additional disposable income, especially if they are living on the barracks. These more expensive vehicles often come with a higher vehicle group meaning that as a customer you will pay a higher premium for your car insurance.  Put some vehicle modifications into the mix and the premiums will quickly creep over the £1000 mark!

Another common issue that individuals find who are in the HM Forces is transferring their no claims bonus discount from overseas. For example, you may have been driving your Focus ST220 for 4 years in Germany without any incident at all, yet you will find that when you come back to the UK, that 4 years hard-earned no claims bonus will ignored by most insurers. There are some companies, such as KeyWorkerInsure.com that can take into account overseas no claims bonus – but it is not guaranteed.

The best thing to do, is spend a bit more time searching around for a specialist provider. Using the usual key words on the search engines is a start. Remember to save yourself some time by phoning up the insurer and asking them what they can do BEFORE you start filling out the 6 pages of forms. Having a bit of a heads up, and knowing the right insurance companies can often save you a few hundred pounds on your car insurance if you are in the HM Forces.

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